Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I made this pillowcase for my nephew, Keegan, who I'm going to see this weekend. I hope he likes it. It was another one of those directional fabrics, so I had to cut it differently. I had to add fabric to make it large enough for a pillow. The red makes the red cars "pop". I wanted green or yellow to make the other cars to stand out, but didn't have that fabric. I think it turned out cute.

It is finally finished.....

YAHOO!!! It is finally finished.....I am so glad I didn't rush to put borders on. As I've mentioned before, I find it very helpful to audition fabrics and don't rush the process. I made a letter out of bright red and that just didn't do. If I would have used it, all you would have focused on was the word SUDOKU. I enjoy doing sudoku puzzles, so this quilt was lots of fun. I took a puzzle I finished to use as a guide to place the picture squares. Cute, cute, cute. As I've said before, the patterns are from Carol Doak's Foundation Factory CD.