Monday, June 28, 2010

Snapdragon patterned shawl

I finished the shawl using the rectangle snapdragon pattern by Trish. I used Red Heart Fiesta "Buff". It has different colors intertwined that one can only see in person.:-) A shell stitch is used. Very easy pattern. I do think, for prayer/comfort/friendship shawls, I should probably use softer yarn. Live and learn.... Trish had made me a shawl and it is soooo soft and comforting. I loved the yarn, I used, when I saw it. I also learned, that with this pattern if you want the pattern to stand out, you need to use a light colored yarn. The one I have started is a very dark violet and you can't see the design from a distance. I had this yarn and forgot why I bought it....LOL... so thought I would use it for a shawl especially since I have 3 skeins;-) and I just wasn't thinking about comfort. lol

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Austie's crochet blanket?

I had bought a skein of yarn for $0.50. I thought I'd make Austie, my granddaughter's cat, a blanket while practicing a crochet pattern called the snapdragon. I thought I couldn't beat making a blanket for 50 cents. Now everyone knows cats like to get into/on EVERYTHING. I make quilts and he is all over them. Now who would think a cat wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with a crochet blanket? Austie would not lay on it for days! He usually lays above my head while I sit on the couch and when I put the blanket there, he would not lay there. Last night he finally laid on it, but today is avoiding it. What's up? I wish he could talk. I just don't get it. Is it the color??? LOL I think cats are color blind.
I have two Snapdragon shawls started. One I've used 2 skeins and need to get another, so I started another shawl. I'm on my second skein of yarn with that one. It is a cool pattern. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

Have a nice day! Hope all are out of harms way with the bad weather hitting.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hungry for cupcakes?

You might be hungry for the edible kind of cupcakes, but when you see these, you'll hunger to make one. lol Just hop over to Arlette's blog and see the delicious looking cupcakes she has made. She also has direction there on how to make them. I LOVE her blog. She is one very talented young lady! Thanks Arlette for inspiring me to give them a try. This is my first. I have 3 more in the workings.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rag Fur Purse

So what do you do when you have some of that rag fur left over???? ya make a purse! I just threw this together.... no pattern. The zipper was the hardest. I need some practice in that area:-( but, I now have a matching purse to go with my jacket. yay! I had enough rag fur for the front of the purse, with a few left over, but not enough to do the whole back. That is ok, because the back showcases the fabric used. I made a braided handle, which I'm quite proud of myself, since I figured it out all by myself. lol I wanted to braid it to give it some strength and wearability. I couldn't resist posting the one picture.

Have a SUPER day!