Monday, June 28, 2010

Snapdragon patterned shawl

I finished the shawl using the rectangle snapdragon pattern by Trish. I used Red Heart Fiesta "Buff". It has different colors intertwined that one can only see in person.:-) A shell stitch is used. Very easy pattern. I do think, for prayer/comfort/friendship shawls, I should probably use softer yarn. Live and learn.... Trish had made me a shawl and it is soooo soft and comforting. I loved the yarn, I used, when I saw it. I also learned, that with this pattern if you want the pattern to stand out, you need to use a light colored yarn. The one I have started is a very dark violet and you can't see the design from a distance. I had this yarn and forgot why I bought it....LOL... so thought I would use it for a shawl especially since I have 3 skeins;-) and I just wasn't thinking about comfort. lol


Hazel said...

I'm not a knitter so i enjoy seeing others creations .As always your work it great .

huynh ngoc tan said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine!
I am your new follower and hope you can stop over to my blog and follow me back.

legaleagle said...

Truly beautiful shaw! Are you taking orders? :) CL