Friday, October 31, 2008

opps, I forgot....Happy Halloween!


November BOM

Here is my November BOM designed by Carol Doak. This is going to be a cute BOM series. They consist of scenic blocks set on point.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's time to wrap up in a fleece blanket. It is cold.......I love quilts, but find fleece blankets to be so warm. I've made quite a few the last few years. Everyone has their own and then some:-) Here is a picture of my sister's significant other, Hershel. I made this fleece blanket for him. He has helped my mother so much and is very good to my sister. He is family.
Thank you Hershel for all you do! It is deeply appreciated. Hopefully you will feel the warmth of our embraces as you wrap up in this blanket.

Triple Treat Challenge

Electic quilt pattern

We were given three blocks, designed by Carol Doak, that we had to use in the challenge. I designed this quilt in an electric quilt program. For some reason it doesn't look like the quilt I designed. Hummm.......looks like I need some more practice. LOL I think I might have to print the foundation pieces using the mirror image feature. I still like it. I just need more practice.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October BOM

Carol Doak has started a new BOM with her Yahoo internet group. Here is my October block. You can join her group by clicking here. It is a very easy block. If you want to learn to paper piece, this is the group to join.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yo Yo Pumpkin

I really enjoy what one can make with yoyo's. While at the Madison quilt show, I picked up this pattern by Indygo Junction. It has a pattern for a spider, but that one will have to wait until next year. The spider takes about 170 small/xtra small yo yo's.

Friday, October 10, 2008

35th Wedding Anniversary

35 years....hummm.....where did the time go?

My husband, Fernando, and I got married October 10, 1973 in Mons, Belgium. We were both in the Army stationed at SHAPE, (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) Belguim. I worked at the hospital as a Medic and he as a Communications Operator in some other building. It was during the Vietnam war and when Tony Orlando was becoming popular. He performed at the club for the troops. We hung out with the same group of friends. I met him at the bowling alley. Bowling was something we both enjoyed to do. We made a couple trips to Paris.....ahhh Paris. Shrimp salad on french bread was one of my favorites.....with fritz(fries) and mayo of course. My mouth is watering for one right now:-

I'm from Waukesha, Wisconsin and Fernando is from Alice, Texas. Our lives wouldn't have crossed if we hadn't been in the military and stationed together.

I'd be lying if I said married life has been easy. I don't know of any that are. It takes alot of work to intertwine two lives. We had lots of ups and downs. I look back at those times now and see them as stepping stones to the greater love and respect for each other. Through The Years by Kenny Rogers pretty much sums up our years together. (Video of us with song)

I thank the Lord for bringing us together. We have been very Blessed.