Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cream Puffs

I can't believe I forgot to blog about the cream puffs Raven, my granddaughter, and I madeOne day Raven said to me that she wanted to make cream puffs.  She said she didn't know if I had ever made them, but she was craving to make them.  I told her that I had made them years ago and that I remember my mom making them.  I found a recipe and told her we could make them right there and then.  She and her "Papo" went to the store to get heavy whipping cream and some instant pudding.  I had some pudding, but I wanted her to make here own.  What I figured would take maybe an hour and a half, took 4+ hours.  LOL  After the smoke detector going off and burning the first batch, we figured baking them on a "stone" was probably the better idea.  Husband did remove the batteries in the detector until we were done baking.... another good idea;-) The second batch, we determined were a little too big.  I think we got it right the 4th time. Raven thought smaller was better and besides the recipe said to drop by tablespoons full and that's the size Raven liked best.  The story of the Three Bears kept going through my head...ya know.... The first batch was too Hot, second one too Cold (didn't fully cook) but the 3-4th was just right. I had told Fernando we only needed 8 eggs for two batches, but good thing we had 12. ( ha ha) Lessons learned and we didn't give up.  Perseverance paid out.   We laughed alot. Enjoyable time with my Granddaughter.  I've made them two times since then.  I guess that makes me a pro.  They were just right.

Vanilla and Banana Cream Puffs

Twister table mat

You ever get that "itching" that you just gotta try it out and you put everything aside so you can give it a try and get it out of your system?  Loaded question isn't it? lol  It can go in all directions. LOL  That's how I felt when seeing a twisted heart done for Valentines Day.  Mine never got done for Valentines Day, but I tried the process.  I didn't even use valentine fabrics.  I just used some fabric I had cut at 6" and cut it down to 5".  Did I like the process?? Wellllll, the verdict isn't totally in yet.  You start with the 5" squares and sew them together.  I thought it would be faster to sew them into 4 patches and then sew the 4 patches to the 4 patches.  Naw, not a good decision in this case.  One doesn't have control of the pattern then.  Lay them out in rows and a pattern and sew them together row by row.  OK, I chose to leave them in 4 patch form and make the best of it since I didn't feel like taking them all apart and I was making it to learn the process anyway. lol  I read that using a small rotary cutter was best.....nope.... the twister tool sits on little "feet" and is too high for small cutter.  My large one worked fine.  It's awkward cutting around the twister tool, but it didn't slip, so people saying one could make their own, not this girl.  Also, I learned on the first cut, to make sure the twister tool is on it's feet and not feet up.  I had to put a new 3" border on.:-(  It could have been worse. lol   I recommend the twister tool.  So, I have another cut out and in 4 patches, but I will take those apart.  Then I hope to make a twister heart because I think they are really cool looking.  I will practice my free motion quilting on these:-)  Not sure I'd want to make a large quilt this way.

                                         Before cutting and putting back together
Until next time......Have a Wonderful Day and God Bless!
Kathy aka Kela

Monday, February 4, 2013

Newborn bunny hat

Here is the newborn bunny hat I made.  I couldn't resist making it;-) Cute pattern by Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me.