Monday, August 30, 2010

I hope these make you smile:-)

Fun with yo yo's. You can go to Arlette's blog and get lots of idea's. She is such a creative person. She amazes me with what she comes up with. I wanted to make some cute pins to wear to work. One can't always smile, working as cashier, that I let me little guys do that for me. ;-) If they make one person smile, it makes my day and I'm sure theirs too.
Have a Happy Day and smile! Hugs, Kathy aka Kela


Remember the crochet blankie I made Austie and he refused to even walk on it??? Well, I think he likes it now. lol

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Please keep in prayer/thought.......

Please keep in prayer and/or thought my 19 year old nephew, Arturo, who was diagnosed with a rare lung cancer. He is on a respirator and has had 5 days of chemo. His xrays show some improvement. We appreciate all prayers/thoughts.
Thank you and God Bless