Saturday, November 8, 2008

fleece...Oh, so warm..... fleece

My gd Raven decided she needed a fleece blanket. She wasn't crazy about fleece and prefers her "cool" memee that she made a few years back, but she said it is kinda cold in their house and a nice fleece blanket would help her go to sleep. The light blue backing brings out the blue that is in the top fleece. Notice Austie who just happened to get into the picture.
Raven made two blankets for herself , but she favors this one that she made first. I've repaired it a number of times for her.

Of course I had to make Kahlu his own fleece blanket. He loves laying on ours, so what the heck....I found this wonderful wild animal print that I thought was just perfect and quess what? Kahlu wouldn't lay on it. I think he was afraid of it. After taking a picture of the blanket up close......I can see why he might have been afraid of it. As you can see, he finally claimed it as his. Ah, so warm. Isn't Kahlu a cutie? He is Lhasa Apso and Poodle. He is such a sweetie.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Eve said...

LOVE this project!
Fleece is fun to work with.
Thanks for the shout out.
Good luck with the candy.

Michelle said...

OMG! Raven is SO big! Wow and pretty too! Great job on the blankets!