Thursday, March 4, 2010

To Market, To Market

I decided to try out another "bag"pattern I had bought. I was excited about my fabric choices and "almost" fabric choices. I was describing the tote project to my granddaughter and saw this look come over her face like she wanted to say, "Nana, Are you CRAZY??" (Well, YEAH at times! lol) I then said to her, "Oh, but I'm sure you wouldn't be caught dead with it." We laughed. Below is the yummy fabric I was excited about using, but found I was short the banana and "cutie" fabric.:-( so sad.... I just learned about those small tangerines being called cuties. Hummmm...... I guess they are cute.;-) LOL
I used the pattern Six Pack Tote by Susan Marsh. It is a reversible tote with 4 pockets. Below is what it looked like before I stuffed one bag into the other.

Below are the bags front and back. It takes 6 fat quarters. Finishes about 14" X 18" x 4" As always, it took me a while to comprehend the directions and make it, but that's just me. The pictures helped alot. I'm sure the next ones will go much faster. Don't you just love the fabrics I used? LOL

Glad I read the directions through before starting. Actually, I read them through a number of times. She stated the fat quarters HAD to be 18 X 21. Yes this is very important for the fabrics used for the pocket and handles because 2-6.5 plus 2- 2.5 pieces equal 18 inches. I guess if short some, you could make the handles narrower. The problem I came accross while picking the fabrics is that, I wash my fabrics first and they shrink making alot of them shorter than 18".
Lessons learned: Don't get too excited about fabric choices until you make sure you have enough of that fabric. lol
Pay more attention to the sewing process than to the TV. I had to do some "frogging" even when I had made a mental note, to self, to not forget to topstitch after appling fleece and before sewing the bottom and sides.... sigh....
Be thankful your daughter decided to bring pizza home for dinner so I didn't have to stop sewing to make dinner:-)
Thank you for stopping by. Have a Wonderful night and God Bless you....


Barbara C's Blog said...

Don't feel so bad about following the instructions. Today I sewed a bag from fat quarters and the measurements must be instructions for cooking, 'just a little of this and a pinch of that'! So, go see my blog and you will see what I mean. I didn't include a picture, but you have inspired me to do so. See ya.

Susan said...

I just found your blog today and love your bag.. You also did very nice with your croching.. keep up the good work
i will return to your blog again

Campbell Jane said...

I love the banana & orange fabric! Very cool!

Arlette said...

Beautiful bags and fabrics! The apple fabric is simply delightful and almost looks edible.