Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

This is Mudslide, the groundhog that lives under our shed. Last spring he brought a lady friend and 3 babies home with him. It was cute watching them sunbathe by the shed. For some reason they disappeared, but Mudslide returned in the fall. Before we let our dog Kahlu out, we would look to make sure Mudslide wasn't near the door and if he was, we'd make noise so he would run to the shed. Kahlu would run to the shed everytime we let him out. Too cute!
If Mudslide would have come out today, he would have seen his shadow and so there are six more weeks of it is said:-)


Michelle said...

Too cute! I can see you letting them live free! LOL! 6 more weeks of this cold nasty weather - YUCK!!!!

Sandi said...

Perhaps Mudslide and Goldie could get together. Hee hee!! Thanks for your note!!