Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This one... that one... hummmm

I wanted to make a "grocery bag" for a friend at work. She admired the ones I made and used to bring my "stuff" to work. She also had given me some cotton yarn to get me started on making cotton wash cloths. I found some fabric I really liked and thought she would also.... that's a good start, right? I had bought a bolt of both fabrics, at a very good price, on an online store a few years back. I've used them for a quilt or two. I THOUGHT I would add some fusible fleece, that I had, to give it some body. I made it and said, "Naw" too much body. lol I'll keep it to use on trips. This is how it looks:
And then I made a bag like the ones I carry to work. It looks like this:

But..... I always wanted to take a plastic bag apart (make a pattern)and try to make one to resemble the bags we get at the grocery store, but never got around to it. but..... the other day, after I made the second bag, I read in an e-mail about this sight DIY BAG LOVER and guess what I found??? Yup, the grocery bag pattern I wanted to make myself. Yippee! It has directions to make a pocket to fold itself into when not in use and I did make it....(I took the picture with pocket showing) but I might just make the pocket for the sake of having a pocket. It is just too hard to fold the bag into the bag:-(. That's ok. I don't need to fold it up. I REALLY LOVE how it turned out and will make one for myself. This one will go to my friend.... I think. lol

After I took pictures of the first two bags, I put them on the bed. Austie, I believe, thought I put them there for him to "try"them out. I think he liked them because he slept on them all afternoon. Isn't he sweet? I just wanted to mention that I'm never sure how these pictures will show up on my blog because they seem to arrange themselves for some reason. lol I just can't seem to figure out how to make them STAY where I put them. lol

Have a Wonderful Day! More later.....


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Tilly Mint said...

I have a cat that has to try out everything I make in exactly the same way lol