Thursday, July 24, 2008


In our house, we love egg salad sandwiches. While peeling the eggs yesterday, I noticed something interesting. I always thought that if you peeled the eggs while still kinda warm, that the shells would come off easily. That was what I had determined from experience.......or I thought. What I found interesting yesterday, was that I had cooked 2 eggs from one carton and 4 from another together and proceeded, when still slightly warm, to de-shell them. As you can see from the picture, 2 are smooth(shells came off easily) and the other 4 have craters from chunks coming out when "trying" to take the shells off nicely. So, my theory flew out the window. Why do some shells come off easily and others not? I kinda think it might be according to the freshness of the eggs. So if that is the case, are the fresh eggs the ones that de-shell easily or the ones that are very difficult? Gee, for sometime for now, I've had eggs that peel very easily.......I sure hope that means they were fresh. lol
Question: Have you ever wondered why birds don't lay cracked eggs? Living on a farm and having chickens, I know why......but those who haven't had the experience that I have.....have you ever thought about it?


Dorothy said...

Hi Kathy,

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I hate it when hardboiled eggs don't peel easily, especially when I'm trying to make devilled eggs!
I find sometimes that peeling them under cold running water helps.

MouseChirpy said...

Kathy, the shells come off easier on older eggs. A tip I remember hearing a long time ago suggested that for Easter, purchase your eggs about a week before so that you won't be struggling to remove the shells from dozens of fresh eggs come Easter morning. Peeling fresh eggs are a pain in the butt. (That last line was from me and not part of the tip...rofl!)