Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just getting started

I've taught myself how to use the computer, how to make video's for Youtube and pretty much, how to quilt.....with the use of navigating the internet to find "How to " sights. SO, I'll learn how to put a blog together, but be patient....Hummm....patient.....I've learned A LOT of patience in the process. Looks like there is a lot to learn yet.....Html, kinda scares me. Edit Html, it says. I need to investigate that..... So I'm going to get my profile together to start with..... I think I need to add a picture on here. Everyone likes pictures. I'm going to try and add a favorite of mine. It brings back a story my dh told my kids when they were young and whining about not being able to have something. This paper piecing pattern is from by Linda Worland. It was presented as a mystery pattern. Anyway, Fernando told the girls that when he was young, they were sooooooo poor that even the mice brought them cheese. lol Perfect picture, huh?

until next post.....May your days be filled with Sunshine and laughter. Kathy aka Kela


Wanda said...

Nice start on your blog Kathy!
I started mine as a Christmas /new Years holiday activity and so am also new. Your paper piecing is AMAZING! Nice work! Keep up the quilting fun.

Kathy ~~~ said...

Thank you Wanda for your comments on my paper piecing. I enjoyed reading your blog. Your applique if beautiful! Haven't found Applique to be my cup of tea:-) Kathy

Michelle said...

Ah HAH!!!! You thought you could sneak in a blog and not tell me! You sneaky rat!! LOL! I found ya now!! He he he! I'd say guess who this is but.... can't hide that well in blog land obviously! LOL!