Monday, August 25, 2008

My Weekend

Well, I went to Nashville this past weekend. My dh and I had a wonderful time with a nephew and niece. It was nice spending one on one time with them. When you're with the whole family, everyone is talking and one doesn't usually get that time. My nephew and niece are a great couple and we very much enjoyed our visit. While there I went to the Nashville Quilt Expo. You are probably wondering where the pictures are...........I left my camera at my nephews:-( I didn't realize it until I wanted to get a picture with Eleanor Burns:-( I complained for a time,but I survived. I do have pictures of me with Eleanor from other shows and I can view pictures of the quilts on line, so I don't feel too sad.


Michelle said...

OMG!!!!!! No picture with Eleanor! I'm so sad FOR YOU! She's our special quilter friend! Darn! I'm so sorry! Glad you had fun though! Now how will you get your camera back?!!!

Michelle said...

Yooo hooo! We're still waiting for those pictures! I'm glad to hear you had fun though! How did they like their quilts?

Kathy ~~~ said...

Michelle, I left the camera at my nephews while I was at the quilt show. I brought it back home with me. No pictures of quilt show.