Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wouldn't you know it.........

Wouldn't you know it, once I put out a post for help, I figure out how to do what I asked about??? I've only been trying to figure it out for a gazillion days! Well, maybe not that many. hee hee. Now you are wondering what I am talking about. I asked for help to be able to print a name or sight and have it linked up to the sight or persons sight that I was talking about. My dear friend (Comadre) Michelle said she would explain how to do it when she got settled in..... she is in transit to BeaverCreek, Ohio with her new move, it will be a while yet. Before I lost contact, she mentioned the earth link and I tried to figure it out, but no such luck.....until today when I decided to highlight the word I wanted to LINK. YaHOO, it works. She is going to be sooooo proud of me when she sees I figured it out all by myself!!! Yippy, yippy, yippy......this has made my day! Doesn't take much. hee hee. Now I can direct you to a gazillion..lol...well maybe not that many.(295 at present)Blog giveaways. Bloggy Giveaways Have fun and good luck. Until next blog. Have a GREAT day! Kathy

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Michelle said...

You do make me proud! See all I had to do was point in the right direction! YEAH!! Good job!! We are here in Ohio now but my time is very limited so I'll have to check in later!

Adios Mi Comadre!